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Following Examples From Noteworthy Whistleblowing Cases: Why A Whistleblower Lawyer Is Necessary

In the last two decades, two cases of business ethics gone bad have made the headlines. The news was so big, it went on for months, and viewers could not help being glued to their TV sets for the details. The facts were so unbelievable, especially since they surrounded such major public figures. The whistleblowers received their twenty minutes of fame, too, and could not have survived the press coverage if it was not for their lawyers. The whistleblower lawyers were necessary for the following reasons.

When Whistelblowers Become Scapegoats

Quite possibly the most infamous case in the last decade, Enron's CEO kept looking for a way out of his illegal activities. When Sherron Watkins blew the whistle on what was happening at Enron, she made the mistake of going it alone. She had no one with her to back her up and witness the conversation, nor did she hire a lawyer prior to revealing what was going on. Although she was doing what was right by the stockholders, Enron made sure to do wrong by her, and they almost got away with it. Do not get caught in a similar situation. Always have a lawyer present to advise you before you blow that whistle.

When Whistleblowers Call Famous People on the Carpet

This is a huge risk to take. Famous people, like Martha Stewart, can often buy their way out of a messy situation, or they think they can. The person responsible for catching Martha and her stockbroker in the act took a huge risk reporting them to investigators. The one witness for the prosecution certainly had a whistleblower lawyer to back him or her up, otherwise the trial might have taken a very different direction. Sometimes all you have against people in power and people in a spotlight is good legal counsel.

Your Case, to a Lesser Extent

Granted, your case may not be as newsworthy as these historic events, but you could be facing some serious legal issues if you do not protect yourself. Despite the fact that you are doing what is morally and ethically correct, you are still placing yourself in a position where legal retaliation and scapegoating is a possibility. Before you make your move and make your information public, get a good lawyer to back you and protect you. You will be avoiding some mistakes made by other famous whistleblowers in their famous cases.